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I’m Still Waiting!

My children are coming up four and six years of age … and I’m still waiting.
Waiting for that change, that unique transformation – the one I expected years ago!
You know what I’m talking about right?

The change that happens when you have children :

The one where you get woken at 5am by your beautiful darlings … you give them a radiant smile, kiss them on the cheek and jump out of bed to attend to their every need.

I’m still waiting …

The one where you are suddenly transformed into a domestic goddess whose favourite pastimes are keeping the house spic and span, ensuring the children are immaculately dressed and impeccably behaved and keeping a cooked meal on the table and a warm bed for hubby when he returns from work.

I am still waiting …

The one where you suddenly find the topics of bed-wetting, teething and growth spurts riveting topics of conversation.

Two_women_talking : Two young women sitting with cups of coffee at the table. Isolated over white background. All objects are grouped.

I am still waiting ….

The one where you find enough hours in the day to keep your house clean, keep yourself beautiful, keep your kids happy and keep yourself sane!