Is Productivity Killing Passion?

We’re so bloody productive these days aren’t we? And if we’re not … we feel guilty and like we should be doing SO MUCH MORE.

I sometimes fear that we are becoming a bit machine-like. We are so BUSY doing, doing, doing … we forget to stop for a minute and take stock.

A typical day for most women my age goes something like this: Wake up, get kids sorted for school, squeeze in breakfast for ourselves (maybe, maybe not), get kids to school, go to work or get home and start work, clean house, buy groceries, fit in some exercise (maybe, maybe not) collect children, ferry them off to after school activities, do homework, organise dinner, dishes, bath, stories, kids in bed … find wine, slump on couch and crawl to bed … oh and talk to partner (maybe, maybe not).

Ok, I’m exhausted just writing that … so how does it feel living like this every day?

Sure, we may feel pleased we achieved so much in day. We may feel relieved that we managed to tick most of the boxes off our to-do-lists … But do we feel inspired? Do we feel excited? Do we feel passionate? Do we feel appreciated?

If we’re lucky we have a job that truly inspires us and fills us with joy and we have abundant energy allowing us to work, raise children, do the domestic duties, cherish our partner and find time to relax … how many of you are saying “I wish” right now?

Is this even possible? Can we HAVE IT ALL, AT THE SAME TIME and still be HAPPY?

Or are we just setting the bar far too high and expecting that we can maintain this superwoman status without flinching?

I think it’s great that women can achieve so much and the opportunities we have available to us these days … but are we being too hard on ourselves? Are we expecting too much and what are we compromising by doing so?

Sometimes I feel like we are so hell-bent on being productive and ‘successful’ that we are running the risk of becoming machine-like and losing our human connections and de-valuing that which makes us human in the first place.

You’ll notice in the above description of a typical day you don’t find the following: a long walk along the beach, sitting for two hours with a cuppa and chatting to a friend, ringing someone overseas and re-connecting with them, reading a book or going out to dinner with a loved one.

Why is this? Is it because these things are now seen as taking too much time? A guilty pleasure? Or something that just needs to wait until you have some spare time?

Is time so scarce now that we can’t use it to connect with people, pursue our passions or just slow down and relax?

Oh sorry I did forget one thing from the list … scroll through Facebook feed, like a couple of posts and maybe comment (if there’s time!)

And if we are living like this, what impact is it having on our children? Are we consistently portraying the message that we just don’t have time? Will they value friendships, nature, passions etc, if they never see us pursuing them and investing our valuable time into them?

Even the school system seems to emphasise more machine-like, productive assets than human values. For example, whilst I think my children’s school offers many opportunities and has got some good systems in place – I wonder if the school values could be a bit more human?

As they stand, the school values are Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Resourcefulness. These are all great attributes but they seem quite ‘Sergeant Majorish’ to me and I’m sure you could programme a robot to possess these same responses.

What about human values like empathy, compassion, kindness and individuality? Are these not important enough anymore?

I know that being resilient is important in order to survive life with its harsh edges, but what about the values that add meaning to life?

Are we passing these by in order to be productive?

And are we teaching our children that emotion is a weakness and that ‘being tough’ is the only way to navigate through life’s obstacles?

I personally would love to see some awards handed out to our children who are kind to others and act in a compassionate, empathic way.

I realise this post has a lot more questions than answers and some of us are so far down the ‘life is too busy’ rabbit hole that it is hard to navigate a way back.

However, I think it’s important to take the time to think about these things once in a while and to take stock of your own life.

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves whether we feel we are truly living an authentic life. One which makes us feel inspired and alive inside.

And if the answer is no … perhaps we can just allow ourselves a snippet of that golden resource called time to have a think about what changes can be made in our own lives to bring back the passion.

Good luck and keep smiling,





Finding My Bliss

So, it’s that time again – Yes, you guessed it –  ‘New Year’s Resolutions.’  Those three words usually make me cringe every year – probably because every year I usually drum out the old favourite – “To Lose Weight” – and those three words make me cringe even more!

So, this year I have thrown the old favourite out the window and put a bit more thought into it – well 5 minutes at least, which is an improvement already on previous years!

I have decided that my New Year’s Resolution for 2012 is to ‘Find My Bliss!’ And not just find it – but find it every day.

Now if you think that sounds ultra corny – which it probably does – and have already selected Start, Shut Down on your computer, I won’t hold it against you … but if you haven’t – then this is my plan of attack:

1)  No matter how small or insignificant it may seem – I will find my segment of ‘bliss’ every day.

For example :  Today I was still tired from New Years Eve,  kids were grumpy from late nights and husband was getting bored and ready to be back at work …. but I can distinctly remember 2 segments of bliss : An uninterrupted shower and a drive to the beach at dusk – fantastic!  Now if  you are thinking – what’s so great about that, I can do that whenever I please – well I have three words for you : “You Lucky Bastard!”  However, jokes aside, obviously ‘bliss’ is a highly personalised experience and everybody’s will be different, but I reckon if I can find my ‘bliss’ everyday then I am on to a good thing.

2)  I will not let others ‘Lack of Bliss’ interfere with mine.

Now, that sounds like a hard one!  But I am determined to try – bring on the Positive Thinking I say!

3)  Let go off the guilt.

If my children have a melt down I am not going to blame myself.  If I want a chocolate biscuit I will have one and I will savour and cherish the taste.  If  I have had no sleep because the kids have been sick (or I have spent all night blogging or on facebook) then I will treat myself with a cruisy day and NOT FEEL GUILTY!

Oh … I like the sound of number 3!

Anyway, enough of my rambling.  I think you get the gist of my New Year’s Resolution for 2012.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.  Would love to hear your comments or New Year’s Resolutions – if you make them.

Keep smiling,

Kat x