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I’m Jealous Of My Children

Today is Friday the 13th, which, as many of you know, is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition.

I would not consider myself an overly superstitious person. However, just this morning I have found out that somebody I know has cancer, somebody has had a stroke and add to the fact that everybody seems to be broke – I am starting to wonder if there really is something in it?

Then I look at my children. Such happy little beings with their naive optimism and childish concerns; My six-year-old’s biggest worry at the moment is that Christmas is not coming fast enough and my four-year-old is concerned that it might be her brother’s turn for the TV and she will have to sit through an episode of Star Wars.

kids at beach

As much as I am pleased my children are so happy and proud that I am providing them with a lovely childhood, I can’t help but be a little envious; Envious that they do not have to deal with the responsibilities and stresses we adults have to contend with.

You see, for many years I have managed to live quite happily in my comfortable little bubble (read more here.) However, today I feel as if my house has been destroyed and that bubble has been well and truly burst! I now realise with some finality that life can be hard; life can be sad and life can sometimes be downright shitty.

If you know me, you also would know I am uncomfortable with these types of realisations and like to find a solution rather than dwell on sombre thoughts. Therefore, this is what I have been thinking and the questions I have been asking myself:
How do we manage this life filled with sadness and hardship?
How do we keep on keeping on?
How do we accept the negative and find the silver lining?

I don’t really have any fantastic answers to these questions, but I think what we can do is become parents – not only to our children, but parents to ourselves and our adult friends and family.

We can comfort each other, lean on each other and not be too proud to ask each other for help. We can be a comforting parent to ourselves, allowing us time to breathe, cry, be sad and grieve.

And when the grey clouds have cleared and we feel the sun reappear in our lives we can pat each other on the back and celebrate this crazy thing we call life.

photo credit: satosphere via photopin cc