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Me And My Censored Life


I am careful about the movies I see and books I read for fear of nightmares.

I don’t read the papers or watch the nightly news in case a story appears detailing something heinous a fellow human being has done to another – and I thought I would be a Journalist, go figure!

Many a time in my 36 years I have thought how I would love to be made of stronger stuff and be a right hard-arse, but the reality is I’m soft as a baby’s bum and I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

Am I naive? Maybe so.  Some may even describe me as ‘ignorant’ for such behaviour, but, to be honest, being soft is just in my make up and being hard-nosed isn’t.  It’s my bag baby!

P.S. To all my hard-arse counterparts out there – If there is anything happening in the world you think I should know about i.e. a natural disaster heading my way, could you please give me the heads up!

In the meantime I will crawl back into my comfortable bubble!

Keep smiling,

Kat x