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COS (Content Overload Syndrome)

The last few weeks I have read two books (old-school style, written on paper – just how I like them) and a million-gazillion Facebook posts. Not to mention school newsletters, netball notices, soccer notices, Civil Defence notices, the local paper and stories to my children.


I’ve also been networking like a ninja – attending face-to-face meet-ups and joining not one, not two, but three new networking groups on Facebook.

And to be honest … my brain is fried! Way too much content in and not enough out. Now, I’m like that over-stimulated baby that won’t sleep (hence writing this at 11pm).

And the worst part is that it’s totally my own doing. Nobody forced me to digest so much content in a short amount of time. I did it to myself.

And the even worst part is that I’ve realised how much we all rely on staying “connected” but are losing real connections.

This afternoon our WiFi was down for a couple of hours – OMG!! Everybody was freaking out like it was the ‘end of the world as we know it.’ The kids were panicked.

“You Tube doesn’t work, Netflix is down and even my tablet won’t go!” they hollered.

I wasn’t much better myself … “What if there’s a really important email  I need to see? How do I check my bank accounts? Do I have to watch normal TV?!”

Lame. Extremely lame.

There is just so MUCH content out there now.

Every man and his dog has a blog and now there are so many outlets for people to express their opinion (no matter how ugly or un-educated they may be).

And so I’ve had a bit of a revelation … I’m pretty much over it. I’m going to wean myself of consuming so much content (particularly the on-line variety). I’m also going to re-address what content I put out, which will involve a bit of soul-searching to figure out exactly what and for whom I will be writing.

The truth is, I actually love writing these rambles. It’s so therapeutic to type away and release what’s been plaguing my mind. It provides me with some clarity and I love the fact that some of you out there enjoy reading it too (just be careful you don’t get COS, LOL!!)

The other truth is that when I started my freelance writing business I was worried that writing for a living might suck the enjoyment right out of it. And in some ways this is right. So, I need to concentrate on exactly what sort of writing I love and follow that path.

I am determined to plunge myself into the areas I’m passionate about and not take second best or settle for run-of-the-mill.

So there you have it … my random thoughts spewed onto the page for your pleasure.

If this post strikes you as a bit strange compared to normal, blame it on the full moon!

moon and girl

If anyone else out there is a fellow COS sufferer my thoughts are with you and I would suggest you log off social media (not soon – NOW).

Also, well done to all of you that are following your passions – I salute you.

Well, before I ramble on all night I better try to get this overstimulated brain to log off.

Keep smiling,

Kat : 🙂

P.S. Although I just made up the term COS, I do know that content overload or information overload is a topic that has been written about a lot in recent times. 

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Feeling The Love 100 Times Over

As I was smooching around my blog today I came across a wee section called ‘Trophy Case’ and upon opening said case I found this shiny new button sitting in there:


This means my little blog has received 100 Likes – yikes!

So, I thought this was a fitting opportunity to sincerely thank a few people. Drum roll please!

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to all of my fans and followers out there who take the time to read my rambles come rain, hail or shine. I would write regardless of whether anybody was actually reading, but the fact that some of you are makes the experience so much more fulfilling. I am so pleased that there are people out there getting some enjoyment out of my random musings.

photo credit: alexkess via photopin cc

I would also like to sincerely thank Modern Father Online for your blogging camaraderie. I very much appreciate you taking the time to like and comment on my posts. P.S. Are we having a blog-affair? LOL

Last, but definitely not least, I would like to thank all the wonderful gals over at Blog Chicks for your friendship and support in this blogging journey and for answering all my dumb questions about the techie side of stuff – definitely NOT my strong suit!

So once again a huge THANK YOU everybody. I will keep on rambling and hope you enjoy keeping on reading.

Feeling the love 100 times over,
Kat 🙂

love your body
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I Need It Hot And Steamy

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It’s just something about that hot water and steamy shower-box that gets my creative juices flowing.

Let me explain: Over at blog chicks we have been having a discussion about how many drafts people have on the go and how many edits are done of posts.

My draft folder is always completely empty as I am a sit down, write and publish type of girl.
However, that isn’t to say I don’t do draft copies of my posts, I do. Not on my keyboard however, but in the shower.

Often that 10 minutes or so, when I’m in a pleasantly different head-space, is the only time-slot I have allocated for the day where I do not have to think of my wee angels and their needs. Thus it provides the perfect opportunity to draft my next ramble (in my head). To this end, by the time I have finished in the shower I have the nuts and bolts of my next post ready. Then it’s just a matter of putting pen to paper – or finger to keyboard – as the case may be.

As well as the shower and the nights I suffer from Insomnia (which is often when I do my best thinking), I also have several notebooks dotted around the house so I can scribble down my random musings before they infiltrate my brain entirely.

So, my dears (yuck, that sounds so condescending).

So, my lovelies (No, way too mushy!)

So, my fellow writers and readers, I now turn the Soapbox over to you: Where do you do your best thinking?

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