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The Hurricane : a.k.a My Daughter


Barbie’s dismembered body lays strewn across the floor
Teddy’s straddling the clothes-horse and My Little Pony‘s bolted out the door.

There’s a monster hiding in my shoe and a monkey in my bed
Buzz Lightyear has crashed on the couch and “Is that Woody‘s head?”

The Power-rangers are half-drowned on the bottom of the bath
T-Rex has been let loose – and so has the giraffe!

She only needs 5 minutes for our house to feel her fury
My lovely 4-year-old hurricane a.k.a daughter to yours truly.

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Mum Needs A Rum

stressed-out mum
Sometimes I think my life is stuck on repeat
Another dish to wash, another dirty sheet

Toys to pick up and children to dress
“Kids cut it out! Give me a rest!”

Don’t get me wrong I love them to bits
But sometimes those kids really GET ON MY TITS!

I know what you’re thinking . . another rant from a Mum
But it’s either that, or a very strong rum!

One thing it does is make me appreciate my own mother
Boy, this gig ain’t easy. Rum? Yes, please pass me another!

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A family of six – only one left at home

superstickies (1)

Two are in Oz; The folks are in Tonga
My sister’s gone to Sweden for six months or longer

Wouldn’t it be nice to all live in one place
But unfortunately for my family, that’s just not the case

I’d describe us as close; Just not in miles
We look pretty similar, especially our smiles

Thank goodness for Skype, facebook and email
You are my lifelines – without you I’d flail

So to all the Whanau, far and away
I raise up my cup (of tea) and say “Gidday”

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To London, with love

I was 22 years old, young and naive when I arrived at your door

It was love at first sight, I was eager and thirsty for more

front door007

Your polluted air and homeless beggars did little to deter me

For in my heart I knew you were the perfect place to be

piccadilly circus001

You wooed me with your High Street shops and teased me on the train

You enticed me with your night-life and sheltered me when it rained

party time004

You showed off in the West End and we flirted up a storm

We smooched through Covent Garden and had a picnic on your lawn

shakepeare's country005

You made me high, you made me low – you gave my life a new beat

You opened my eyes and broadened my mind – you helped me find my feet

new beat006

You broke my heart, you broke my will

But, London, I still hated to leave you

buckingham palace008

And now it’s over, those days are gone – the infectious beat has died

But although I mourn you London, in my memories you are still alive.

big ben002

Life’s Picture

Painting Sunny Day at the Beach
Painting Sunny Day at the Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I could paint a picture

Of what my life would be

It would be a golden beach

Each shell a memory

An ocean of opportunity

A crowd of new faces to meet

A sky of uncertainty

Mountains with solid feet

Surfers catching the ultimate wave

Couples holding hands

Old men with their fishing rods

And castles in the sand

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A Mother’s Touch

mother's touch001

I used to hold my mother’s hand
And now my daughter holds onto mine
I felt so warm, so safe, so loved
And knew I would be fine

Words can never be enough
To describe a mother’s touch
A maternal bond, as strong as stone
And one that can’t be crushed

A gesture, oh so simple
With magical effect
It’s something quite amazing
A feeling we never forget!

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I love Chocolate!


                                                                       I love chocolate in the morning.  I love chocolate late at night

                              I love chocolate when I’m tired, and especially after a fight!


                                     Chocolate is my vice, one I cannot live without

                                         It is my drug of choice – that is without a doubt 


Any kind of chocolate is a treat for me

But best of all, is at night, with my cup of tea


Thanks for being my comfort, my light at the end of the day

God bless you chocolate. May you never go away!