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So, IT happened.

It actually happened a couple of months ago, but I was shy about broadcasting it to the world.

It’s not a major actually. In fact I’m lucky it happened to me. Not everyone can say the same.

Some people celebrate when it happens, some people don’t. I decided to leave the country … but only for a couple of weeks.

Yes, I turned 40!! (but don’t tell anyone).

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A Spring In My Step

Welcome to Spring everyone! BTW Katzrambles is back!



There is one month of the year that is special to me and when this month swings around every year, mysteriously things start to turn around in my life. This month is September and this is the time of year things always seem to pick up for me.

I’m not entirely sure why this is?

Maybe it’s because I was born in September.

Maybe it’s because September is the start of spring which signifies new growth, rejuvenation and fresh starts?

Maybe it’s because the flowers begin to bloom and cute baby animals are born?

I’m not sure, but I am sure that as soon as September rolls around I come out of my winter hibernation mode and start to feel that spring in my step.

photo credit: Mukumbura via photopincc

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