Bloggy Love

Comments are so special – so I thought I would share some of the warm, fuzzy things people have been saying:

“There needs to be a better word for average than average. Average makes you sound, well, average. Judging from your blog, I think you’re somewhat greater than that.”modern father online

“Very amusing post. I’ve followed you, so hopefully I will get a few more laughs.”
counting ducks

“Kat, I feel your week, and thank you for some positive rebuttles…”
caylie jeffrey

“Oh, ain’t it the truth!!”

“Love your passion for life which is the fuel for my blog. Keep up the great work.”

“Authenticity has so much value.. and, like you, I worry that people miss out on it. This is a wonderful reminder to just sit back and breathe!”

“Such a lovely cadence to this!”

“It’s funny how easy it is to forget to have fun. Thank you for reminding me. I think I need to read this post once a month as a note to self.” blahblahzine

“WELL DONE YOU! and Well done every single mum who does their best for their children every single day in what ever form that may be. Us mums need to support each other, this is the most important and challenging role we can be given. Love to all the Mums!”Claire

“Very clever missy!”Lyndall

“Fantabulous!!! Great to see some words of wisdom from u”Juliet

Great post btw.Megan


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