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Stay Away Today

If you have no comfort to offer

And nothing nice to say

If it’s only judgement you possess

 Then stay away from me today

For I am feeling fragile

I am feeling weak

I do not want your company

It’s solace that I seek

I can’t give you what you need today

I have less than I need already

I am sorry but it’s true

Today I’m neither strong nor steady

I don’t mean to feel sorry

For little ol’ me

But sometimes things just get too tough

And one day feels like eternity

So, perhaps try to speak to me tomorrow

For then I may be stronger

Ready to face the world again

Battered down no longer

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Multi-tasking Gone Mad

As I was sitting on the loo this morning, scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and trying to determine which task I would tackle first (out of the many which needed to be completed in order for the kids and myself to get out the door on time) it occurred to me that I spend the majority of my life doing exactly this – Multi-tasking!

Very seldom am I doing just one thing at a time and hardly ever am I doing nothing. Yes, nothing. It seems like a foreign concept these days but back when I was little often when we were waiting for something we had to sit and do NOTHING!

That brings me to waiting. Do you remember waiting? Do you remember how you just had to sit there and think about something, look at your shoes or god forbid strike up a conversation with the stranger who was waiting next to you?

This is what waiting looks like now …

And don’t get me wrong … I am just the same as the folks in this picture. The other day for example: I was waiting for my daughter to finish her dance class and noticed there was a father waiting also. I said a quick hello as I sat down, to which he briefly glanced up from his smart phone and replied and then I sat down, grabbed my phone and this is how we continued for the next 10 minutes.

It would have been the perfect opportunity for me to introduce myself and get to know this ‘Dance Dad’ and vice versa or it could have been a nice chance to just sit back, relax and catch my breath for a few minutes. But it is like it is just an automatic reaction: Waiting = Looking at phone.

So it seems as if I have lost the knack or desire to wait. However, I also fear I may have lost the ability to single-task, and by doing so am missing the opportunity to fully engage and enjoy the task I am trying to complete.

Take my mornings for example: I never sit down at the table and enjoy my breakfast or allow myself time to ponder the day ahead. Instead I scoff something down my gob while preparing kid’s lunches, putting away dishes and giving my children the hurry up.

This makes for a hectic, stressed-out start to the day and one that I feel I need to change.

Sound familiar? I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here.

The scary thing is that my children have evidently picked up on my problem … When my 6 year-old son’s teacher was telling him off for talking instead of doing his work, he politely informed her that he was “multi-tasking!”

Oh god – I have a multi-tasking mini-me!

So, what is a girl to do in this predicament? Well, I am going to try to do some things better and / more often and these are the things that spring to mind:

1) When spending time with my children make sure I give them my full attention
(Trying to read them a story in the ad breaks of my favourite TV show is not working out well for anyone involved!)

2) Try to go to bed a bit earlier – meaning I can get up a bit earlier – meaning I can actually sit at the table and enjoy my breakfast.
(I’m sure that sounds way easier than it’s actually going to be!)

3) Now, here’s the kicker! When I am waiting for something i.e. a dance class to finish, a train to arrive, the doctor to call my name – I will try to either do nothing or talk to someone.
(I’ll keep you posted on how that one goes!)

But in all seriousness: I think multi-tasking definitely has its place and can be a great skill to possess. However, I also think maybe from time to time we could all benefit from just slowing down a bit, fully engaging in the task at hand and avoid having a ‘multi-tasking melt-down!’

Feel free to join me on my ‘single-tasking and waiting’ challenge and be sure to let me know how you get on.

Keep smiling,

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Facing Ourselves

When you look at me
What do you see
Can you see the brave woman
I am trying to be

Or do you see my fear
My sense of being inferior
Can you see beneath my mask
Beneath the calm exterior

Sometimes we keep our true persona
Hidden right down deep
For fear of undue scrutiny
For fear we will be weak

But I think it’s quite alright
To show who we really are sometimes
To have the courage to face ourselves
And all that we might find

When we’re honest with ourselves
And all our flaws included
It will help us to accept ourselves
And not be so deluded

So, be true to yourself
And you will find your way
Be kind to yourself
And enjoy what you have today

photo credit: caterina.appia via photopin cc

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In The Middle Of May

When you are graced with the presence
Of a glorious day
When it’s supposed to be cold
In the middle of May

It puts a smile on your face
And a beat to your step
Your worries disappear
Stresses you forget

The sunshine allows you
A pass for the day
To forget your troubles
And feel like everything’s ok

If only it would last
This glorious day
And the ambient mood
In the middle of May

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Skin hung loosely on a tiny frame
A stoic face masked her fear
Lips parted in a sandpaper smile
Eyes housed the despair

Shivering she sat on a barren floor
Praying to the angel of death
Sunshine bled through iron bars
Seducing her with warm breath

Dancing upon her dampened skin
She pleaded with the sun to stay
But as the stench of night overcame them
Her suitor crept away

She was left alone; exposed
As night defeated day
Freedom’s sweet fragrance
Never enjoyed until taken away

photo credit: Giandomenico Ricci via photopin cc

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A Beast Called Sleep

It wraps its tentacles around the warm bodies in a silent embrace
Devouring them limb by limb, as they lie motionless sedately obeying

Forgetting the worries of the day
 Responsibilities on hold as they drift away

Girl with octopus

But one won’t surrender
One won’t conform
She fights and she struggles
Through the night until dawn

Eyes stinging
Brain rushing
Breath refusing to slow

The Beast will not hurt you
She can’t see; She doesn’t know

Why can’t she feel his loving embrace
His soothing touch upon her face

Why does she struggle
And not let him in
What does she fear
If she allows him to win

Maybe tomorrow
The beast will not fail
She will be weaker
And sleep will prevail

photo credit: <a href=””>Abroudjameur</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;

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Set Her Free


I don’t care how much you weigh
Or what you ate today

I don’t care how much you’ve got
Or what you think you’re not

But I care about you
The person deep inside
If only others knew
The amazing person who resides

Inside that fake persona
Is where you always hide
Be strong, set her free
And I’ll be by your side

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It’s not my kids who are bored these school holidays – it’s me!

I just finished reading an article that was talking about how it’s ok for kids to be bored these school holidays. The writer explains how important it is for children to have down time and be able to use their imaginations to invent games and entertain themselves.

I wholeheartedly agree with this and I remember discussing the ‘amusing kids in school holidays’ subject with my Mum who told me she used to tackle it in this manner: one home day followed by one day out. Seems to be a good theory to me.

We are having a home day today: It’s nearly lunchtime and my kids are still in their pyjamas.

My son is happily creating and inventing with his Lego collection


and my daughter is taking all her soft toys on an adventure on her train made of my dining room chairs.


They are happy and enjoying not having to rush out the door and be anywhere in particular.

So, I have contented children and finally am allowed some peace and quiet and that highly desired ‘me time’. But now that I have it, I actually don’t know what to do with it! Can’t you believe it? Here I am sitting here starting to panic; I was so worried that my kids would be bored these school holidays, but it turns out it’s not them who are the bored ones – it’s me!

What to do? I make myself a coffee, get comfortable and dial the number of a good friend of mine that I haven’t spoken to in ages, hoping for a good ol’ catch up. However all I get is her answer phone!

I try again and call another friend for a chin-wag – answer phone again!

Sure, there is my house that I could clean …. but I must be able to think of something more enjoyable to do than that?

So, I find myself here, with you. Pouring out my random thoughts, wonderings and life’s quandaries … and I feel extremely grateful.

I am grateful for those of you who read my ramblings and I feel grateful that I created this little place on the online universe where I can just let it all out.

So thanks for listening reading and happy school holidays! (I hope you don’t get bored!)

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Heather’s Story – And How You Can Help

This is Heather Von St. James.

Heather Von St.James
Heather Von St.James

She was diagnosed with mesothelioma at the age of 36 – just 3 ½ months after her first and only child, Lily, was born. She was given just 15 months to live unless she underwent a drastic surgery to remove her left lung. Miraculously, she beat the odds and is still here eight years later.

Alarmingly, Asbestos is not banned in the US – yet it’s the only known cause of mesothelioma  (a deadly cancer caused by exposure to asbestos).

Heather was exposed to asbestos through her father’s work jacket when she was just a little girl; her diagnosis came about 30 years later.

Once diagnosed, most patients die within 2 years.

Heather is one of few survivors who openly share their story and work to spread awareness regarding the dangers of asbestos.

In honour of upcoming Asbestos Awareness Week (April 1-7), Heather has created a webpage dedicated to raising awareness.

I think this is such an important issue and am absolutely gob-smacked to learn that asbestos is still used in America.

I would love it if you would be willing to take a look at Heather’s page and share it on social media in order to help educate and raise awareness about this preventable disease!

I wish you all the best with your campaign Heather. You are such a brave lady with a wonderful attitude towards life.

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The Demons Reigned Supreme

R.I.P Charlotte Dawson


Your work was drying up
Your beauty quickly fading
The walls all around you
Felt like they were caving

You put on a brave face
And pretended life was great
But the internal prison that had you trapped
Was one with no escape

The depression sunk in
The loneliness appeared
The bullies were mighty vicious
And you tried not to care

But in the end
As the battle raged on
The toll was just too great
Your fighting spirit was gone

The final battle was fierce
Your opponents were stronger
The demons had won
And your life was no longer

I feel sorry for you Charlotte
That your life was not how you wanted it to be
But rest easy now Charlotte
For you are finally free