A Christmas Letter


It is a tradition on my husband’s side of the family to send a ‘Christmas letter’ at the end of every year documenting the ups and downs and general goings-on of the year about to reach completion.

I have not scored highly in terms of participation of this tradition in previous years, so just by typing this I have outdone myself. However, being the ‘modern mama’ that I am, tradition will be slightly broken as I am not going to send my Christmas letter by ‘snail mail’ but instead publish it online ‘blogin style.’

The start of the year saw my first-born child start ‘big school’ as an innocent little kindergarten kid. This is a huge event in the life of a parent and, armed with my box of tissues, I was no exception.
The morning started off smoothly enough with my son excited with anticipation and later immensely pleased when he was placed in the same class as his neighbour and soon-to-be ‘girlfriend.’

However, inevitably there is always a bump in the road and this bump came to fruition when it was time for the children to meet their ‘buddies’ (older students who would look after the kindergarten kids for the first few weeks).
One by one my son’s classmates were paired off until there was one child left – my son with no buddy assigned to him!
Now this may not seem to be a disaster to some people, but to this mama bird resisting the urge to grab her baby under her wing and fly away home – it was a major calamity!
Luckily when the staff saw the matching expressions of terror on the faces of mother and son, they quickly remedied the problem and I was able to send my son on his merry way.

Travel featured on this year’s itinerary also, with a trip home to NZ to farewell the folks, who sailed off into the sunset destined for Tonga, and to say goodbye to my sister, who with partner and toddler in tow, flew off to Sweden.

We have had our share of health issues in 2013, from fractured ankles to broken teeth and hip operations to the loss of loved ones. However, with sorrow also comes joy and I have witnessed the rejoicing of many friends who have welcomed a new life into the world this year.

I have been homesick for my family and lonely for my husband, when he has been working away, but all in all – we are well, we are happy and we are grateful.

So, on that note, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and ‘ROCK ON 2014!’


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