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5 Reasons Why I Need My Husband To Come Home

My husband is currently away for work in a different state, for around a month.

We, the two children and I, are nearly 2 weeks in and the novelty is starting to wear off. Things are going slightly haywire around here, and we need hubby home – and this is why:

1) The fish tank is leaking
I know this doesn’t fall into the disaster category but there are several reasons why I need the man of the house around for this one:

– The tank is full of water (obviously) and heavy, meaning little ol’ weakling mummy can’t lift it. Sure, I could spend many precious minutes emptying the water with a bowl, into a bucket (or something like that) but that sounds awfully tedious.

– If I do in fact do the above and then proceed to re-house the fish in a glass salad bowl or something, I am afraid of the meltdown I may encounter from my children if little fishy doesn’t survive the transition.

Solution: Wrap fish tank with my bath towel and play dumb. Good strategy? Yes, I thought so too!

2) I need to hear the ‘D’ word

With no ‘Daddy’ in the house the word on constant repeat around here is of course ‘Mummy’. I love my two little darlings and devote myself completely to their needs and wants, but that word is starting to grate on me like nails down the blackboard. In fact, the next time I hear the ‘M’ word I think I might have to throttle something! Look out Goldie – I’m starting to hear a phrase in my head featuring two birds and a stone!
Hang on – what about the potential meltdown? Ok, good point ….. you’re safe for now fish-breath!

photo credit: Benson Kua via photopin cc

3) Mummy’s no Nigella Lawson

As much as I love a good chicken salad and the kids enjoy their sausages, after a week’s worth I’m afraid we are going to lose our love of food entirely and potentially fade away – God forbid! We really could do with our resident chef, a.k.a. Daddy, returning to the kitchen!

4) Mummy needs her sidekick back for this circus

As it is school holidays, meaning Missy Moo’s preschool is shut also, Mummy is number one entertainer around here. I think I’m doing a pretty good job at keeping the children amused and I know I’m doing well at spending the hard-earned cash by Daddy dearest, but Mummy is getting tired, actually not tired … knackered – and the entertainment skills are slackening. Sure, Daddy isn’t always so hot when it comes to entertaining either, but even when he is dozing on the couch the kids reckon he makes a fantastic jumping pillow!

5) My children would like to keep their heads

I class myself as a pretty patient person, and mother, but today I must have had a personality transplant, because my fuse was definitely somewhat shorter than usual. The poor children didn’t know what had happened. Suddenly cool, calm and collected Mummy spent the day ‘snapping their heads off’. Bring back daddy … mummy needs a breather!

the family

I know this kind of situation is the norm for many families with partners and husbands doing FIFO type jobs. How do you handle things at home? Is your goldfish safe?


Hi, I'm Kathryn. I love to write. These days when I'm not tapping away on my keyboard or indulging in social media, you can find me trying to perfect my gluten-free baking, dancing around the lounge with my children or engrossed in a book.

8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Need My Husband To Come Home

  1. I truly wonder how single parents do it. Sure the last 5 nights plus tonight without my wife while she’s on holidays in Singapore with her friends have been tough, but not as tough as they could be. Our 2 year old was the hardest to deal with. The 4 year old is almost 5 so blackmailing him was easy, but at 2, the little one doesn’t fall for the “I’ll give you $50 if you just stop crying” pleas from me. I wanted my wife to stay longer, mostly because she deserves a decent holiday with her friends, but also because I really wanted to test myself. But I got this far, night 6, the last night of being a single dad, and the kids survived and so did I, so it’s best that we don’t push our luck.

    Keep going and I’m sure you’ll survive. If not you can send the kids down here to my place in Sydney where I am building an underground gold mine in my backyard. I figure I better do it before the government sell of my land to a foreign investor.

    Take care Kat, and have another coffee… Or a wine….

  2. as a single mum – I know routine is best – but this seems to go haywire during school holidays! X box comes into effect with the older child and wii with the younger two – but it is always about balance – break time outside with the dog/swim etc. Last night i removed the power cords from the back of the two TV’S (and hid them) That sorted them.

    Throttle something – yes many times – especially when the battles are on and screams of “MUM” fill the house – but thankfully there is the computer and other parents sharing their similar challenges – keeps me sane. Especially with a cold glass of wine.

    1. Yes, school holidays are pretty full on! I also find a lot of solace in the blogosphere and finding people out there with similar experiences and thoughts on things – including you 🙂

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