I Do Not Understand; But I Do Hope

I know that sensationalism wins over heroism in the beast we call the media; however I DO NOT UNDERSTAND it. Let me give you some examples:

As much as it pains me to write this name, she has been all over the world’s media platforms and therefore has to be mentioned – yes, you guessed it – Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus
Photo credit: http://www.mamamia.com

I do understand that Miley is growing up and wants to put the Hannah Montana days behind her. However, what I DO NOT UNDERSTAND is how a pop princess shoving her derriere into a married man’s crotch is considered entertainment – this I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!

Then we have an over-opinionated woman by the name of Katie Hopkins who makes outrageous statements such as calling working mums ‘slackers’ to gain her spot in the limelight (read more here)

Katie Hopkins
Photo credit: http://www.mamamia.com

I do understand how comments as ridiculous as these generate some discussion in social media, however I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how these women get slots on prime time television and generate so much media attention. Obviously the more outrageous, offensive and hurtful the statement is the bigger the spotlight becomes – this I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!

We also have women like Isabella Dutton, who wrote a piece for the Daily Mail expressing an opinion so hurtful to her children that, in my opinion, verges on child abuse. In this article (which you can read here) she says how having children was the ‘biggest mistake of her life’ and explains how much ‘better’ her life would have been without them.

Photo credit: http://www.mamamia.com

I do understand that some people do not want to have children. That is absolutely fine with me. What I DO NOT UNDERSTAND is how somebody, who knows they do not want children goes ahead and has them anyway and then proceeds to broadcast to the world how unwanted they are and how miserable they have made her life – this I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!

Instead of the likes of Miley Cyrus, Katie Hopkins and Isabella Dutton – I would rather the spotlight be aimed at heroic women such as Irena Sendler.
Heard of her? Neither had I until recently.

Photo credit: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Mrs Sendler was serving as a social worker with the city’s welfare department during World War II when she masterminded the risky rescue operations of Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto. Records show that her team of some 20 people saved nearly 2,500 children from the Warsaw Ghetto between October 1940 and April 1943, when the Nazis burned the ghetto, shooting the residents or sending them to death camps.” – Daily Mail UK. (read more here)

So, although in the eyes of the media, sensationalism is king and heroism is not – I DO HOPE in real life we can, collectively as parents, share stories to our daughters about the Joan of Arc’s, Mother Teresa’s and Irene Sendler’s of the world. I ALSO HOPE that we can teach them good enough judgement to realise that the media serves a purpose but is in no way a reliable source of exemplary role models or a moral compass by which to conduct one’s behaviour.



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