Downtown Freeing The Fun-Box

I am the eldest child of four and loved growing up with my two sisters and one brother as there was always someone lurking around to have fun with – and boy, did we have fun!

The company I kept sometimes changed, but these fun times continued to be a constant feature of my life through my university years and definitely during my four years spent in London … I will get to that some other time, as there are a few choice stories to tell there.

Then came the biggest party of my life: my wedding and following that – the biggest blessing: my children.

However, recently life has become slightly mundane and serious and somehow FUN has taken a fall from grace and landed sorely on the bottom of the priority list. Somewhere in amongst getting married and having children FUN got packaged up in a brown cardboard box and left forgotten in a corner of the basement.

Well, as September is my birthday month, I decided it was high time to find that old Fun-Box, give it a dust off and free it once more.
Box of fun
photo credit: Superrad_ via photopin cc

And so to the plan:

Company: A group of girls (as the husbands didn’t want to come they got relegated to child-minding duties)
Occasion: Ball
Attire: Semi-Formal
Choice of Beverage: Champagne – plus a Bacardi, of course!

Sounds like fun right?

So, the event attended was The Pelican Pest Control Down Town Ball 2013 and was held to support Down Syndrome NSW, in the Hunter Region. You can find out more here – (
When I found out the sponsor’s name – “The Pelican Pest Control” – I mentioned to my girlfriends that “I didn’t realise Pelicans were pests?” Once they had picked themselves up off the floor from rolling around laughing and dried their eyes, they explained to me that ‘Pelican’ is actually a suburb of NSW – Oops!
photo credit: suneko via photopin cc

If I was Cinderella and had been visited by my Fairy Godmother, getting organised for the ball would have been easy. However, this was not the case and getting beautified took some doing:

– First was a trip to the beauty salon to get all the necessary waxing completed – and believe me, this was no mean feat due to neglect over winter! (Too much information?)

– Second was a serious shopping mission to acquire ball dress, shoes and necessary accessories.

– Third was a visit to the hair salon for hair and makeup.

I did think about a spray tan also, but was afraid of turning into a pumpkin!

Finally, we were ready to rock ‘n’ roll – I was actually hoping for a Limbo Pole, but had to make do with a tambourine instead.

So, I am pleased to report that fun – once forgotten – was born again and we had a BALL!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

To this end I have decided that fun must take a more prominent position on life’s priority list and not be forgotten or put aside any longer.

Do you make room for fun in your life? Or do you need to make a quick trip to the basement and give the old Fun-Box a dust-off too?


8 thoughts on “Downtown Freeing The Fun-Box

  1. Megan Darrow says:

    I’m tempted to scan in the pic of us about to go to our form 1 disco – but my faux snakeskin dress is far worse than your atire and I don’t think your sisters would thank me either! Great post btw.

  2. Definitely need to make space for fun! We got married in March and because we’re old codgers (I’m 51) we’ve decided every holiday, even weekends away, is going to be a honeymoon. We’re onto the second honeymoon already, complete with romantic dinner, chocolates on the pillow etc etc!

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