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I Need It Hot And Steamy

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It’s just something about that hot water and steamy shower-box that gets my creative juices flowing.

Let me explain: Over at blog chicks we have been having a discussion about how many drafts people have on the go and how many edits are done of posts.

My draft folder is always completely empty as I am a sit down, write and publish type of girl.
However, that isn’t to say I don’t do draft copies of my posts, I do. Not on my keyboard however, but in the shower.

Often that 10 minutes or so, when I’m in a pleasantly different head-space, is the only time-slot I have allocated for the day where I do not have to think of my wee angels and their needs. Thus it provides the perfect opportunity to draft my next ramble (in my head). To this end, by the time I have finished in the shower I have the nuts and bolts of my next post ready. Then it’s just a matter of putting pen to paper – or finger to keyboard – as the case may be.

As well as the shower and the nights I suffer from Insomnia (which is often when I do my best thinking), I also have several notebooks dotted around the house so I can scribble down my random musings before they infiltrate my brain entirely.

So, my dears (yuck, that sounds so condescending).

So, my lovelies (No, way too mushy!)

So, my fellow writers and readers, I now turn the Soapbox over to you: Where do you do your best thinking?

photo credit: MonsieurLui via photopin cc



Hi, I'm Kathryn. I love to write. These days when I'm not tapping away on my keyboard or indulging in social media, you can find me trying to perfect my gluten-free baking, dancing around the lounge with my children or engrossed in a book.

10 thoughts on “I Need It Hot And Steamy

  1. For some crazy and annoying reason it is not uncommon for me to have a massive burst of inspiration as soon as I lie down to go to sleep at night. Ideas, words, phrases, whole paragraphs start bouncing around in my head and I have to get out of bed and type it all up otherwise I will lose it all. I’d rather sleep but I can’t pass up the chance to get a post out of it.

  2. I most often get ideas during boring things – trying to fall asleep, meetings, family gatherings πŸ˜‰
    Hubby gets his ideas in the shower – he gets me to stand in the bathroom and take notes! haha

  3. I currently have 12 drafts on my new site and 4 on my old site but seeing that I am focusing on writing dad blogs, or blogs that are more family related than about worldly things, 3 of them might not ever get written. My mobile doesn’t leave my side and when an idea pops into my head I email the idea, no matter how brief it is, to myself.

    I currently have a further 20 plus ideas, titles and random musings in my inbox of my blog site’s gmail account. I know I mentioned to you my “fluff”piece about my babycino story but that has turned from a fluff piece into an investigative journalism piece. I can’t wait to show that to you and the world, but the fluff piece will precede it or follow it closely so that’s still there.

    Also, speaking of the babycino story, remember I replied to your comment the other day about my paedophile story and mentioned that the picture of your daughter didn’t entice me to read your story, but the topic of babycinos grabbed my attention? Well I have to be completely honest with you today; the woman in the shower for THIS blog post DID grab my attention and sucked me in. But I am so glad she did. The story was well worth the read.

  4. Swimming laps at the pool – i think often about what i need to do the next day (if its a night swim) or if i am lucky to fit in a morning swim – map out my “to do list” in my head.
    Otherwise its about 5.30am when I wake and lie in my bed refusing to get up but also not being able to get back to sleep!My blog stories are usually random, on the spot ideas often generated by photos.

    1. That’s interesting that your posts are often started by seeing photos – you must be quite a visual person. I am always intrigued to find out where people get their inspiration from πŸ™‚

      1. photos or travel experiences seemed to be a good place for me to start. The things that slow me down is that busy life that seems to swallow your writing time. Or getting onto the computer and reading everyone else’s great thoughts!

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