Babychino Generation

Merryn with baby-chino

On Fridays my daughter and I treat ourselves to cupcakes and coffee.

So this morning we headed over to Cupcake Espresso and ordered our usual : A Skim Mocha and Gluten-Free Blueberry Banana cupcake for myself and an Apple Pie cupcake and babychino for Missy Moo.

No sooner had we taken our seats, to make a start on our cupcakes, when Missy Moo declares “I need my coffee, NOW!”



6 thoughts on “Babychino Generation

  1. Not to be a spelling or grammar Nazi, but can I suggest you use the correct and accepted spellings of either babycino or babyccino and then more people who might want to search for articles about them will find this one? I have got an article of my own in my drafts waiting for the right time for a fluff piece (or a fluffy piece; babcycinos are called a fluffy in New Zealand).

    Our boys love our weekly babycinos and they have soy ones with either chocolate sprinkles or hundreds and thousands on top.

  2. so cute! they certainly grow up quickly! I remember cracking up with my 10 year old son glanced at his menu and ordered a lobster bisque from the server! I hope he gets a good job when he grows up to afford his fine tastes!

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