He would’ve died for me …

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As a child, I was a bad sleeper and, to be honest, as an adult I still have not got it mastered. In fact, although I stuck to the rules of this challenge (by setting my stopwatch and writing ‘freestyle’ for 10 minutes) I think I had already written most of this post in my head last night as I unsuccessfully tried to fall into a slumber.

As a child I had a teddybear (T.B). He was a scruffy, old fellow with tatty ears and one eye missing, but to me he was perfect. T.B was my companion and protector and we spent many hours solving the issues one faced as an 8 year-old-girl.

The most pressing of these issues was my incredible fear of ‘Mr Meany’ (my name for a ‘bad person’) and the worry I had about him breaking into the house and trying to hurt me. T.B and I concluded that this fear may be a possible reason for my troublesome sleeping habits and decided something must be done.

Therefore, one evening we hatched a plan and implemented it the following night:

Firstly, I found a stack of pillows and blankets and surrounded T.B with them, making him very big and as close as possible to the actual size of my 8-year-old frame as I could. Then I crawled into a tiny ball and concentrated on breathing very quietly and imagining myself the size of a teddy-bear.

This way, if Mr Meany ever came he would mistake T.B for myself and attack him instead.

Although I was mortified at the idea of T.B getting hurt, I figured he would be a lot easier for Mum to replace than me, and so we continued like this every night for as long as I can remember.

Luckily his sacrifice never came to fruition and T.B lived to a ripe old age, however I will never forget his courage and am eternally thankful that he was willing to give his life for mine.

This was written specifically in response to the DP Weekly Writing Challenge : I remember at: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/05/writing-challenge-remember/


3 thoughts on “He would’ve died for me …

  1. I think creative people like yourself, have a spark in them that never really goes out. Sometimes it makes sleep difficult – or it may just lead to exaggerated fears – or both. Here’s where social media comes in, creative ideas have an outlet and exaggerated fears can be expressed and diluted.Here’s hello from our house to yours.

    • Thanks so much … Although not being able to sleep can make normal life difficult sometimes it definitely helps with the creative side of things! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

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