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Down but not out

Normally I can roll with the punches but lately life has been putting in some extra hours at the gym and the blows have left me tired, battered and bruised.

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This is not a state of mind I like and am not comfortable with it being a permanent house guest. So, today I decided it was time to spring-clean the mind and take out the trash in an endeavour to entice hope and happiness to re-claim their residence.

To this end, I put in motion 5 things I knew would guarantee this outcome :

1) Enjoy nature’s gifts

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Luckily the weather-man had heard my pleas and sent my old pal Mr Sunshine for a visit. Now here’s a guy I never get sick of: his wide smile filled with golden teeth; his non-judgemental eyes with their heart-felt gaze and his long-reaching arms that envelope you with their warm embrace.
As I had been graced with his presence today I made the most of it, following him around like a small child and basking in his glory – and to my surprise I found that even my mundane daily tasks, such as hanging out the washing, were pleasurable in his company.

2) Dial-a-Dad


Whenever I am feeling down there is no-one I would rather talk to than my parents. So, although they are currently in Tonga and a call to them would be expensive, I decided it was worth it and managed to have a great chat to my Dad. Although we just had a general chit-chat, just hearing his voice was enough to lift my spirits. Shortly after, I also received an email from my Mum – so that combined with my chat to Dad was just what the doctor ordered!

3) Dress for success

2012 110

Another way I thought might make me ‘feel better’ was to dress the way I wanted to feel rather than how I was feeling. If I dressed to mirror how I was feeling I would stay in my pyjamas all day or sift through my wardrobe to find the daggiest pair of trackies that I owned. The problem with dressing this way is that it would only reinforce my current state of mind rather than changing it.
Therefore, instead I chose to wear my electric blue jacket and flowery spring top in the hope that the bright, cheerful colours would somehow seep through my pores filtering through to my brain – good theory right?
I don’t think it actually worked quite like that, but I did find that many people complimented me saying how much I ‘suited blue’ and how ‘cheerful’ I looked, which in turn started to actually make me feel a little more positive than earlier.

4) Fake it and divert

photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc

I had been bleating on to everyone and anyone that would listen about my problems and was sick to death of my own voice … so today I decided to ‘fake it and divert.’ To do this, I put on the most convincing smile I could muster and when asked how I was, instead of the standard woeful tale, I replied ‘Great, thanks – how are you?’
The more I told others I was great, the better I starting to feel and by diverting the attention to them it 1) took my mind of my own problems and 2) made me realise that there are others out there that have far bigger obstacles to contend with than myself.

5) Dance

photo credit: B erta via photopin cc

First off I have to say that Little Miss Exercise does not feature high on my best friends’ list, such as Mr Sunshine. However, I will admit that – after heeding to her persuasions and enduring her physical attack on my dormant muscles – I do feel calmer, energised and ready to battle again. So, I committed to attending my weekly dance class and afterwards I definitely ‘felt better.’

So after a day of setting myself the task of ‘feeling better’ and putting these 5 things in place I am pleased to report that I do feel better and ready to battle once again.
“Look out life – the gloves are off!”


Hi, I'm Kathryn. I love to write. These days when I'm not tapping away on my keyboard or indulging in social media, you can find me trying to perfect my gluten-free baking, dancing around the lounge with my children or engrossed in a book.

3 thoughts on “Down but not out

  1. Kat, I feel your week, and thank you for some positive rebuttles… Life tends to do things in an all or nothing way, doesn’t it? And the worst thing about it is that you don’t notice that things have actually been going really smotthly until hey presto! They’re not anymore! Keep dancing, my friend, keep dancing.

  2. I love that jacket! I have a pair of shoes in the same colour and they make me happy. I totally agree with you about dressing to how you want to feel. I just need to practice it more, thanks for the reminder!

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