I love you Melissa!

The Heat

I checked my wall calendar today (yes, I know how ‘old school’ of me to still use one of those) and noticed that I had a date booked with Melissa tonight.

So excited!  I absolutely LOVE HER!

Now, before you panic and start envisioning closet doors flying open – I don’t mean I’m ‘in love’ with her, just that I think she is a brilliant actress who never fails to give me a big, fat belly laugh!

I thought she was brilliant in Bridesmaids, a scream in Identity Thief with Jason Bateman and am a big fan of the TV series Mike and Molly.

Anyway, enough about her and more about me ….

So, as I was checking my calendar, I saw a few other outings booked in for yours truly and noticed there was nothing booked for hubby, the poor dear.  Then it dawned on me – I have become the social butterfly of our household – Up high!


When we first moved here and I had the grand total of one friend, hubby was definitely at the top of the leader board. However, 2 years on and he has been overtaken, and by a girl!

I wonder how long I can stay on top … watch this space!

Who is the social butterfly in your house, is it pretty even or is someone more of a party animal than the rest?

Also, let me know your thoughts on ‘The Heat’ if you have seen it and of course the lovely Melissa McCarthy x


2 thoughts on “I love you Melissa!

  1. Hey Kat, your link on iVillage is wrong. You might want to go and fix it. I worked out the correct URL but if you want others to visit your site you might want to get it right. Also, can I suggest you copy the URL that goes directly to your blog that you’ve mentioned? I had trouble finding this but wanted to read it. Others won’t be so kind.

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