To London, with love

I was 22 years old, young and naive when I arrived at your door

It was love at first sight, I was eager and thirsty for more

front door007

Your polluted air and homeless beggars did little to deter me

For in my heart I knew you were the perfect place to be

piccadilly circus001

You wooed me with your High Street shops and teased me on the train

You enticed me with your night-life and sheltered me when it rained

party time004

You showed off in the West End and we flirted up a storm

We smooched through Covent Garden and had a picnic on your lawn

shakepeare's country005

You made me high, you made me low – you gave my life a new beat

You opened my eyes and broadened my mind – you helped me find my feet

new beat006

You broke my heart, you broke my will

But, London, I still hated to leave you

buckingham palace008

And now it’s over, those days are gone – the infectious beat has died

But although I mourn you London, in my memories you are still alive.

big ben002


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