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Blonde By Nature

Kat the co-driver

Although now a brunette, I am, and always will be, Blonde By Nature – meaning although I consider myself a somewhat intelligent human being I am prone to bouts of utter ‘blondeness’ where I can say or do incredibly stupid things.

This ‘blondeness’ can take many shapes or forms – one of which is my uncanny ability to hear song lyrics slightly differently than they actually are.
For instance : Dave Dobbyn’s hit “Slice of Heaven” was always a ‘Slice of Lemon’ to me!
Tom Petty’s “Runnin’ Down A Dream” was ‘Running Down The Street’ and Joe Cocker’s “Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong” was ‘The Lift Takes Us Up Where We Belong.’
Once I actually found out the accurate lyrics – I still thought mine made more sense!

Alongside this talent, I also possess the ability to come out with some right ‘dosies’ and do some really dense things. If I were to list all of the occasions where this has happened, although amusing, this post would become pretty tedious and long-winded.

So, instead I thought I would just fill you in on my Pièce de résistance – my best blonde moment to date!

It all began on a sunny day approximately 20 years ago. My friend and I had recently acquired our drivers licences’ so thought it most appropriate to take a cruise in her mother’s car. As it was such a gorgeous day, we decided the beach would be an ideal destination.

So off we went departing from Tauranga, heading over the harbour bridge, destined for Mount Maunganui. My friend in the driver’s seat and myself, as co-driver, in the passenger seat.
Although the bridge was built approximately 4 years earlier motorists were still charged a toll, payable when you passed through the lanes. Some of these lanes were manned by people in little booths and others were AUTOMATIC.

So there we were cruising along, windows down, blonde hair flying – listening to “Slice of Lemon” – whoops “Heaven” on the radio when we started heading towards the toll booths.

Just as I was pondering which lane would be the fastest, my friend veered towards the AUTOMATIC lane.
Panic-stricken, I grabbed the steering wheel and shouted “Stop! You can’t go in there … Your car is a MANUAL!”

Lucky for me, I also possess the ability to laugh at myself!

Keep smiling,
Kat x


Hi, I'm Kathryn. I love to write. These days when I'm not tapping away on my keyboard or indulging in social media, you can find me trying to perfect my gluten-free baking, dancing around the lounge with my children or engrossed in a book.

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