Do We Need A Modern Fairytale?


I recently saw an interview with Melissa McCarthy (actress of ‘Bridesmaids‘) who was talking about her daughter who has just entered the ‘princess phase,’ and how she has found that all the fairy tales follow a similar theme : Helpless princess only finds happiness when saved by the prince. Melissa said she did not think there was anything wrong with finding true love but said it was time we had a modern fairytale.

That got me thinking about said princesses and how they fulfill their time while waiting for their prince charming.  So, let me see : They are either:

a) Cleaning for an awful step-family

b)  Locked away in a tower and / or

c) In a comatose state waiting for true love’s first kiss!

Ummm … maybe she has a point?

So are there any modern princesses out there?

Well, personally, I think Princess Fiona from Shrek is a pretty cool bird.  She can definitely look after herself and although she did in fact find true love – she turned down the Prince and married the ogre – you go girl!

So, do we need more stories to tell our daughters about strong, independent, self-sufficient women or are we just reading too much into all this?

After all, it is just make-believe right?


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